Our Philosophy

Our practice highlights and philosophies 

We strive to make every visit a positive experience and look forward to establishing a long lasting relationship with your child and family.  Our goal is to help your child flourish!


holistic approach

We take pride in our holistic approach to treating patients.  We see the patient as a "whole" where we look at the physical, mental, emotional and social aspects of their care, in a culturally sensitive manner. 

We practice evidence-based medicine and are careful not to over prescribe antibiotics or medications.   We are all seasoned pediatricians with decades of experience that allows us to distinguish normal from abnormal.  

We emphasize education and prevention when ever possible.  And we are respectful of complementary medicine if evidence based.  


Team based patient-centered comprehensive medical care

Everyone at Magnolia, including the front desk receptionist, medical assistants, nurses and physicians work as a team to provide comprehensive medical care from the first day your child is born to when he/she enters young adulthood.  Our trained staff are here to assist you with appointments, referrals to specialists and community resources, medication refills, and to help you and your child feel supported and at ease.

We believe that excellent care is provided when there is a partnership between physicians, patients and their families and that decisions around medical care should consider patients'/families' wants, needs and preferences.  We make sure to provide the education and support to allow patients and families to make informed decisions and participate in their own care.  

To help us maintain this level of care we ask that you contact our office first before seeking specialty care, or heading to another provider for urgent care. We want to be involved in either providing care in our office where appropriate, or referring you to the most appropriate specialist and helping to coordinate your care.

Whenever you do see a specialist, we ask that you request a report be sent directly to our office so we may stay informed and have the most up-to-date information in your medical record.


excellent accessibility

When you contact us, we are here for you.  We offer well visits, sick visits as well as same day appointments when necessary.  

We have a nurse on the phones for advice during and after regular office hours.   We have a patient portal as well so that there are many ways of communicating your needs with our office.  

We do share call with another group of excellent pediatricians so that there is a physician on call 24/7/365.   After regular office hours, we have an answering service thacan connect you to the triage nurse or the on call physician depending on the urgency of the medical concern.   


vaccine policy

Our vaccine policy follows the schedule outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). 



Our practice prides itself on efficiency through use of technology.  We encourage our patients and families to consult our website, register for and use our patient portal, and effectively use automated
reminders for appointments.  

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM TO 5PM
Please call during office hours to set up an appointment to speak with our staff.
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