As a new, independent pediatric practice, we are obligated to register all patients, even former patients, at their first visit to the Magnolia Pediatrics office. Please bring your insurance card and identification information of the insured guarantor. We may also be able to pre-register you by telephone prior to your visit. 

While we accept most major commercial insurance plans, we recommend you check with your insurance carrier to ensure that we are contracted with your plan. You can also call our office for information on the insurance carriers we accept.

We are members of the Meritage Medical Network ( and participate in HMO plans through this network. Please have your insurance card with you at the time of service and verify that our name appears as your doctor on the card.  

Newborns are automatically covered under their mother's insurance carrier for the first 30 days. It is important that you enroll your new baby in the desired insurance plan before the end of the 30 days of coverage to ensure appointments scheduled after baby’s first 30 days will be covered. 

If you have a billing question, please call our billing department at 844-399-8227.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM TO 5PM
Please call during office hours to set up an appointment or to speak with our staff.
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